"Caucasus Concrete 2007"property complex

Information about the property

Type of property Real
Business Sectors Production of construction materials
Location Veli station, 08/003th area, Samgori district, Tbilisi, Georgia


Other information about the property


Activity type

Concrete and cement production, Sand and gravel quarry operation


Property complex: 11 hectares of land, a Cement Plant, three pieces of concrete production equipment, concrete block and pumice block production equipment, office buildings, garages, warehouses, machinery and vehicles

In addition: a sand and gravel quarry in Lejveddin village of Marneuli region, 25 acres of land and a concrete plant in Zikiliya district of Akhalsikhi region.

Contact information


(+99412) 537-23-68 

(+99412) 497-50-02

(+99412) 538-93-24




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